July Marple Slalom

On the Friday afternoon, Ashlee Dack and a team of MCC volunteers began to get busy down at Dale Road. To prepare the river, practice gates were put aside so that Saturday's Division 3/4 course could be erected.

Just as important, the canteen was set up in readiness to provide a seemingly endless stream of hearty nourishment. On Saturday morning, competing paddlers, friends and family arrived for a day among the gates.

A couple of significant results from the day were Jo Sharp won Div 3 K1W and Ryan Johnson won K1M Division 3, which gives him enough points to get promoted to Divison 2. 

As the sun sank lower in the sky, focus was drawn away from the river and towards sizzling food on the barbecue. Festivities went on late into the long evening. Some folk headed home and some crawled into their tents.

On Sunday the weekend's warm sunny weather continued leading to a perfect second day of competition. Notable results from Sunday were Sam Davis won K1M Division 4, Eloise Rathburn won C1W Division 3, Andrew Guest won K1M Div 3 and Sam Dullehan won C1M Div 3. The comedy prize would have to be handed to Andy Guest and Nick Woolley for sinking during their C2 run.

Over the weekend there were more than 30 paddlers competing. Many thanks to all of those who came along to watch, encourage, compete and to help out. These events rely on voluntary help. Thanks most of all to Ashlee Dack for organising the event and to Karen Seeley for making such a fine job of the canteen.

The next MCC slalom is Division 3/4 races over the weekend of September 16th & 17th.


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