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Newsletter September 2000

Autumn is here, nights are drawing in, leaves are changing colour and starting to fall - a sure sign that the Serpent's Tail Slalom approaches. This event always attracts helpers year after year because it is such an enjoyable weekend. Beautiful scenery, a course that is challenging to paddle, good vantage points for spectating and a sociable curry on Saturday night for those who want to join in. See Pete King's article for times and other details. Many thanks to everyone who sent in articles and write ups. It is much appreciated. I have been paddling once since the last newsletter at the club site. I was on the bottom pool, my dog was hitching a ride across the river on my spray deck. We hit the big swirl at the bottom of the main flow, I leant one way, the dog jumped the other and ... I had to roll. Still, it's good practice! See you around - Mike Allen.

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Newsletter March 2000

You will find both the SGM Calling notice and a leaflet for a charity event enclosed within this issue.

The 'Millennium Madness' event is being run to raise money for cancer research by the father of Mary Carlisle's godson, who sadly died two years ago. If you are unable to take part you may want to sponsor somebody who can.

The spring weather has encouraged me back into my boat for a session round the gates down at the club but despite three close calls I managed not to swim and will be puttingsome more river time in, before our first slalom on 8th and 9th April. Pete King has a comprehensive write up of what's been going on. if you can send me an article about a trip that you have been on, or want to let more members know what your group of paddlers have planned in the next couple of months I'll print it in the next issue. If individuals want to advertise kit and boats for sale I will put that in too - the next copy deadline is 22nd April 2000.

See you around - Mike Allen.

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Newsletter December 1999

I am sorry for the long delay in producing this issue, I am having great difficulty finding the time at work to put it together. We have moved premises and although the move is nearly complete there still seems to be no spare time to organise the newsletter. Any offers to take over as editor of the newsletter gratefully received! My grovelling apologies to all those who sent in articles about forthcoming events that are now long gone. There is a questionnaire with this issue, please can you fill it in and return it by 20th Jan. to Pat Roche or a committee member, there is a £25 voucher to be won in the 'questionnaire draw'.

May the New Year be a good one for all of us.

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