Membership Update

There has been some confusion about what is happening about membership renewals with some members not receiving renewal reminders and others not hearing back after sending their renewals in. I thought that it was about time that club members get an official update on what is happening.

Due to commitments outside of the club the previous membership secretary, Ian Jordan, had to step back from the role at which point I became the main contact for membership. Unfortunately due to some address mixups and confusion about who was doing what we dropped the ball and the membership renewals fell behind. I'm sorry for this and take full responsibility for getting it sorted, to fix this I officially took on the membership secretary role at the AGM. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Ian for the time and effort that he has put into the membership secretary role, especially during the upheaval of moving and changing jobs.

All membership paper renewals and applications that I've received have now been processed. If you have sent a membership form to Ian (Macclesfield area address) or myself (Hadfield) and haven't received your membership card or a WebCollect email then please contact me and we'll sort something out. If you paid by cheque, have received your membership card and have seen the cheque get cashed - don't worry I've taken all the cheques to the bank and we'll be getting the money soon!

If your membership has lapsed and you haven't received a renewal yet, you will be getting an email soon with login details for WebCollect and asking you to renew. After this renewal you will get an email each year from WebCollect prompting you to renew - no more waiting for the membership secretary to prompt you. I'm hoping to work through the backlog of reminders over the course of the next month and will be sending these out in batches (so that I don't get a hundred renewals in one hit!).

New membership applications will be processed online through WebCollect and will get sent out as they happen. So far we've had about a dozen new members processed this way since it went live about two weeks ago.

Those who have received their new membership cards already will have noticed that there have been some changes there as well. The old business card type membership cards have been replaced by peel off cards that get printed with the letter. These new cards are water resistant (resistant not proof!), hard to rip and should be more legible (especially with my handwriting!). The new cards also have the benefit of getting printed at the same time as the letter, simplifying the process of sending out membership cards. For those who haven't seen the new cards they look like this:

New Membership Card

So to sum things up: things are getting sorted with the membership and in the future things should be easier for everyone.


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