Slalom Training at Manchester Canoe Club

The club has approximately twenty training gates permanently hung over the river. These can be used for casual use by members at any time

We have formal slalom training sessions on Thursdays throughout the year. The session starts at 7.30 pm on the water and is organised by the coaches on the night. Depending upon the numbers attending, the training can be done in one, two or three groups, using separate sections of the river.

Tuesday night is club night. From mid September to mid April, when the floodlights are in use, there are normally only slalom paddlers who wish to use the river, and therefore it runs as a slalom session in a similar manner to the Thursday night session. In the daylight sessions during the summer, other courses and recreational paddlers are also using the water, so there the slalom training is restricted to a smaller section of the river. Slalom training will still continue, but of necesity it will be less intensive due to the pressure of space, and the need to make allowance for the other water users.

All the sessions are open to anyone. You can train in any kind of boat, no matter what kind of boat it is. The club also has some plastic slalom boats available for hire, and a couple of composite boats too. Of course some of the top paddlers will be training quite intensively, but we will always make room for all abilities.

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