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Anything to do with the winter pool sessions at Hazel Grove.

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Pool Session Information

Postby stringbean » 9:10 pm, 27th August, 2014

Pool Session Rules
  • Helmets must be worn at all times while in the pool. If you don't bring your own then you will have to wear a club one.
  • No shoes at the pool side. Take off your shoes before you enter the pool room.
  • Ensure your kit is clean before bringing it into the pool. Make sure that all sand, mud, leaves and loose bits of foam are washed out. If you have airbags make sure that you remove and clean behind them. There is a hose pipe at the pool that you can use.
  • Book onto open sessions early to avoid disappointment. There is a limit on the number of boats allowed on the water during a session and some sessions fill up quickly.
Please do not jeopardise future pool sessions by breaking these rules. Dirty boats in the pool is the main reason for complaints from the pool staff.

Booking an Open Session

At the start of each week a new topic in this forum will be started containing a list of the available open slots.
  1. Click Reply on the current booking topic.
  2. If you are the first to reply - remove the text above the available slots.
  3. Copy the previous reply and add your name.
  4. Preview your reply and double check it.
  5. Post your reply.
If you cannot attend a session that you have booked on then add another reply with your name removed and a note saying that you cannot make it. Do this as soon as possible.

Please do not do any of the following:
  • Email the pool officer asking to book onto a session.
  • Send a private message asking to book onto a session.
  • Reply with just your name and none of the other people who have booked on.
  • Start a random topic asking to book onto a session - use the proper topics!
  • Add your name when there are no more slots available.
  • Leave your name on the list if you know that you can't attend the session.
If in doubt take a look at what other people are doing.

Available Kayaks for Hire
  • Dagger Dynamo - suitable for small children (up to 60kg).
  • Pyranha Z.One Small - suitable for larger children/smaller adults (45-80kg).
  • Pyranha Z.One Medium - suitable for adults (65-95kg).
  • Pyranha RX300 - mid-sized boat.
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