Closing these forums

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Closing these forums

Postby stringbean » 6:24 pm, 14th September, 2018

With the shift towards social media (Facebook & Twitter) and the increasing spam abuse we are shutting down the club forum. Most club members have already stopped posting here leaving the only posters spammers and outside people trying to find out about club activities - not good :(
  • Club members can discuss club activities on the club's closed Facebook Group (access to this is restricted to current members only).
  • Prospective members and other interested parties can contact the club through our public Facebook Page.
  • For booking onto pool sessions (including open sessions) please use WebCollect.
  • News on club events will be announced on Facebook, the main website and Twitter.
These forums will stay up in a read-only mode (posting & signup disabled) for the next few months and then removed completely.

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